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the product placement quiz #5

Bringing back another fun little game for y’all. What films are these three shameless promotions from. A little hint – there’s a timely connecting thread among the three. Hit the comments with your answers!

#1 – Rite Aid BandagesRiteAid

#2 – Baskin RobbinsBaskinRobbins

#3 – HeinekenHeineken

the product placement quiz #4

All right, to simplify things this time, I’m giving you three images, all of which are product placement samples from movies that feature the same actor. Can you name any or all of the movies and the connecting actor?




the product placement quiz #3

Though the last outing of this quiz didn’t catch on like I’d hoped, I’m a glutton for rejection I suppose.  Here’s another stab – can you guess which film from the last three years included this product placement?

the product placement quiz #2

Take a stab at the latest in my Product Placement Quiz. Here’s a trio of puzzlers to take a gander at. First one to name the offending movie gets the prize of glory and honor!




the product placement quiz #1

**All right you guys, pretty self-explanatory, but tell me… which film did this blatant product placement effort come from and which character/actor is holding the wee can?  Riddle me that, bloggers!**