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who played it best? – EBENEZER SCROOGE

It’s been a good long while since we’ve played this game, so here’s a refresher. In this series we take a peek at an oft-depicted character in filmdom and seek to determine – who played it best? We’ve done Lizzy Bennet, Juliet Capulet and Jo March in the past, so let’s opt for a gentleman on this outing – and one of the most ubiquitous at that – Ebenezer Scrooge.


Where you stand probably depends on a lot of factors – when did you grow up, do you prefer a comical or dramatic Scrooge, etc. So are you in line with the classics (i.e., Alastair Sim or Albert Finney); the animated fare (i.e., Alan “Scrooge McDuck” Young or Jim Carrey); the definitive TV adaptations (i.e., George C. Scott or Patrick Stewart); or the truly comedic turns (i.e., Michael Caine or – in a Scrooge surrogate role – Bill Murray)?

who played it best? – JO MARCH

Well first thing’s first – need to wrap up our last outing with this series, debating who played the best Juliet Capulet.  It ended up being a pretty landslide victory for Zefferelli’s 1968 outing with Olivia Hussey as the young lovebird.  I’d have to agree with you all on this one!  But on to the next big question… who played Josephine “Jo” March of Little Women/Little Men/Jo’s Boys fame best?

I’m restricting you to these (possibly) most-well-known options.  Though feel free to write in more obscure or more well-liked candidates in the comments.  But who played the best Jo?  Get to voting on that poll over in the righthand column!

who played it best? – JULIET CAPULET

Thought it’s been quite a long time since our last “Who Played it Best?” I thought I’d mention our Dracula competition left the quintessential count as Bela Lugosi from the 1931 classic.

But now on to the latest competition.  Which one of these ladies played the hopelessly in love Juliet best?  Norma Shearer, Susan Shentall, Natalie Wood, Olivia Hussey, Claire Danes or Emily Blunt?  Chime in on the poll in the comments!

who played it best? – COUNT DRACULA

Well, let’s start off with old business, in our last poll, in which we reviewed the merits of women who have donned the high-waisted bodice of Jane Austen’s beloved Elizabeth Bennet, we ended up with the following results:

The delightful BBC incarnation of the heroine, played by Jennifer Ehle, walked away with the most votes, with a scrappy Keira Knightley, from the 2005 theatrical edition, came in a very close second.  And in third, one unique voter picked out the Bollywood extravaganza Bride and Prejudice, starring Aishwarya Rai.  But now, on to the new business!