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100 favorite film actors: #10-#1

10. Harrison Ford
Key Role(s): Han Solo (The Star Wars trilogy)
Indiana Jones (The Indiana Jones films)
Rick Deckard (Blade Runner)
John Book (Witness)
Allie Fox (The Mosquito Coast)
Henry Turner (Regarding Henry)
Dr. Richard Kimble (The Fugitive)
Norman Spencer (What Lies Beneath)

9. Sidney Poitier
Key Role(s): Gregory W. Miller (Blackboard Jungle)
Noah Cullen (The Defiant Ones)
Porgy (Porgy and Bess)
Walter Lee Younger (A Raisin in the Sun)
Homer Smith (Lilies of the Field)
Mark Thackeray (To Sir, with Love)
Virgil Tibbs (In the Heat of the Night)
John Prentice (Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner)
Donald Crease (Sneakers)

8. Tom Hanks
Key Role(s): Allen Bauer (Splash)
Josh Baskin (Big)
Jimmy Dugan (A League of Their Own)
Sam Baldwin (Sleepless in Seattle)
Andrew Beckett (Philadelphia)
Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)
Jim Lovell (Apollo 13)
Woody (The Toy Story trilogy)
Capt. John H. Miller (Saving Private Ryan)
Joe Fox (You’ve Got Mail)
Chuck Noland (Cast Away)

7. Leonardo DiCaprio
Key Role(s): Toby Wolff (This Boy’s Life)
Arnie Grape (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape)
Romeo (Romeo + Juliet)
Hank (Marvin’s Room)
Jack Dawson (Titanic)
Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Catch Me If You Can)
Howard Hughes (The Aviator)
Billy Costigan (The Departed)
Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island)
Cobb (Inception)

6. James Stewart
Key Role(s): Tony Kirby (You Can’t Take it With You)
Jefferson Smith (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)
Macaulay Connor (The Philadelphia Story)
George Bailey (It’s a Wonderful Life)
Elwood P. Dowd (Harvey)
L.B. Jeffries (Rear Window)
Scottie Ferguson (Vertigo)
Paul Biegler (Anatomy of a Murder)
Wylie Burp (An American Tail: Fievel Goes West)

5. Paul Newman
Key Role(s): Ben Quick (The Long Hot Summer)
Brick Pollitt (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)
Eddie Felson (The Hustler)
Chance Wayne (Sweet Bird of Youth)
Hud Bannon (Hud)
Luke (Cool Hand Luke)
Butch Cassidy (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
Henry Gondorff (The Sting)
Frank Galvin (The Verdict)
John Rooney (Road to Perdition)

4. Dustin Hoffman
Key Role(s): Ben Braddock (The Graduate)
Ratso (Midnight Cowboy)
Lenny Bruce (Lenny)
Carl Bernstein (All the President’s Men)
Babe (Marathon Man)
Ted Kramer (Kramer vs. Kramer)
Michael Dorsey (Tootsie)
Raymond Babbitt (Rain Man)
Stanley Motss (Wag the Dog)

3. Marlon Brando
Key Role(s): Stanley Kowalski (A Streetcar Named Desire)
Emiliano Zapata (Viva Zapata!)
Johnny Strabler (The Wild One)
Terry Malloy (On the Waterfront)
Fletcher Christian (Mutiny on the Bounty)
Don Vito Corleone (The Godfather)
Paul (Last Tango in Paris)
Walter E. Kurtz (Apocalypse Now)
Ian McKenzie (A Dry White Season)

2. Sean Penn
Key Role(s): Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
Daulton Lee (The Falcon and the Snowman)
Matthew Poncelet (Dead Man Walking)
Edward Welsh (The Thin Red Line)
Emmet Ray (Sweet and Lowdown)
Sam Dawson (I Am Sam)
Jimmy Markum (Mystic River)
Harvey Milk (Milk)
Joe Wilson (Fair Game)

1. Jack Nicholson
Key Role(s): Wilbur Force (The Little Shop of Horrors)
George Hanson (Easy Rider)
Robert Dupea (Five Easy Pieces)
Buddusky (The Last Detail)
J.J. Gittes (Chinatown)
R.P. McMurphy (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
Jack Torrance (The Shining)
Eugene O’Neill (Reds)
Garrett Breedlove (Terms of Endearment)
Charley Partana (Prizzi’s Honor)
Joker (Batman)
Nathan R. Jessup (A Few Good Men)
Melvin Udall (As Good As It Gets)
Harry Sanborn (Something’s Gotta Give)
Frank Costello (The Departed)

100 favorite film actors: #20-#11

20. Al Pacino
Key Role(s): Michael Corleone (The Godfather trilogy)
Serpico (Serpico)
Sonny Wortzik (Dog Day Afternoon)
Tony Montana (Scarface)
Big Boy Caprice (Dick Tracy)
Ricky Roma (Glengarry Glen Ross)
Lowell Bergman (The Insider)

19. Peter Sarsgaard
Key Role(s): John Lotter (Boys Don’t Cry)
Chuck Lane (Shattered Glass)
Clyde Martin (Kinsey)
Robert Sandrich (The Dying Gaul)
Alan Troy (Jarhead)
David (An Education)

18. Matt Damon
Key Role(s): Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting)
Pvt. James Francis Ryan (Saving Private Ryan)
Tom Ripley (The Talented Mr. Ripley)
Linus Caldwell (The Ocean’s trilogy)
Jason Bourne (The Bourne trilogy)
Colin Sullivan (The Departed)
George Longean (Hereafter)
LaBoeuf (True Grit)

17. Jack Lemmon
Key Role(s): Ens. Frank Pulver (Mister Roberts)
Jerry (Some Like it Hot)
CC Baxter (The Apartment)
Nestor Patou (Irma la Douce)
Felix Ungar (The Odd Couple)
Harry Stoner (Save the Tiger)
Jack Godell (The China Syndrome)
Ed Horman (Missing)
John Gustafson (Grumpy Old Men)

16. Michael Caine
Key Role(s): Alfie (Alfie)
Jack Carter (Get Carter)
Milo Tindle (Sleuth)
Peachy Carnehan (The Man Who Would Be King)
Dr. Frank Bryant (Educating Rita)
Elliot (Hannah and Her Sisters)
Dr. Wilbur Larch (The Cider House Rules)
Alfred (The Dark Knight)

15. Morgan Freeman
Key Role(s): Fast Black (Street Smart)
Principal Joe Clark (Lean on Me)
Hoke Colburn (Driving Miss Daisy)
Sgt. Maj. John Rawlins (Glory)
Red Redding (The Shawshank Redemption)
Detective William Somerset (Se7en)
Eddie Dupris (Million Dollar Baby)
Lucius Fox (The Dark Knight)
Nelson Mandela (Invictus)

14. Gregory Peck
Key Role(s): Father Francis Chisholm (The Keys of the Kingdom)
John Ballantyne (Spellbound)
Penny Baxter (The Yearling)
Philip Schuyler Green (Gentleman’s Agreement)
Gen. Frank Savage (Twelve O’Clock High)
Joe Bradley (Roman Holiday)
Sam Bowden (Cape Fear)
Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Robert Thorn (The Omen)

13. Anthony Hopkins
Key Role(s): Richard (The Lion in Winter)
Torvald Helmer (A Doll’s House)
Frederick Treves (The Elephant Man)
Dr. Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs)
Henry J. Wilcox (Howards End)
James Stevens (The Remains of the Day)
Col. William Ludlow (Legends of the Fall)
Richard M. Nixon (Nixon)
Titus Andronicus (Titus)

12. Heath Ledger
Key Role(s): Patrick Verona (10 Things I Hate About You)
Gabriel Martin (The Patriot)
Sonny Grotowski (Monster’s Ball)
Ennis Del Mar (Brokeback Mountain)
Robbie (I’m Not There)
Joker (The Dark Knight)
Tony (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)

11. Robert Duvall
Key Role(s): Boo Radley (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Ned Pepper (True Grit)
Maj. Frank Burns (MASH)
Tom Hagen (The Godfather trilogy)
Frank Hackett (Network)
Lieut. Col. Bill Kilgore (Apocalypse Now)
Lt. Col. Bull Meechum (The Great Santini)
Mac Sledge (Tender Mercies)
Max Mercy (The Natural)
Sonny Dewey (The Apostle)
Jerome Facher (A Civil Action)
Felix Bush (Get Low)

100 favorite film actors: #30-#21

30. Anthony Perkins
Key Role(s): Josh Birdwell (Friendly Persuasion)
Lt. Peter Holmes (On the Beach)
Norman Bates (Psycho)
Josef K. (The Trial)
McQueen (Murder on the Orient Express)

29. Johnny Depp
Key Role(s): Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands)
Ed Wood (Ed Wood)
Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of…)
Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd)

28. Kevin Kline
Key Role(s): Nathan (Sophie’s Choice)
Harold Hooper (The Big Chill)
Otto (A Fish Called Wanda)
Dave Kovic (Dave)
Howard Brackett (In & Out)

27. Gary Oldman
Key Role(s): Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK)
Count Dracula (Bram Stoker’s Dracula)
Shelly Runyon (The Contender)
Sirius (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
Jim Gordon (The Dark Knight)

26. Robert de Niro
Key Role(s): Vito Corleone (The Godfather, Part II)
Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver)
Michael (The Deer Hunter)
Jake La Motta (Raging Bull)
Al Capone (The Untouchables)
Jimmy Conway (Goodfellas)
Leonard Lowe (Awakenings)

25. Ralph Fiennes
Key Role(s): Amon Goeth (Schindler’s List)
Charles Van Doren (Quiz Show)
Count Laszlo (The English Patient)
Justin Quayle (The Constant Gardener)
Lord Voldemort (The Harry Potter series)
Michael Berg (The Reader)

24. Ian McKellen
Key Role(s): Richard III (Richard III)
James Whale (Gods and Monsters)
Magneto (The X-Men series)
Gandalf the Grey (The Lord of the Rings trilogy)

23. Edward Norton
Key Role(s): Derek Vinyard (American History X)
The Narrator (Fight Club)
Eisenheim (The Illusionist)
Walter Fane (The Painted Veil)
Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk)

22. Cary Grant
Key Role(s): Jerry Warriner (The Awful Truth)
Dr. David Huxley (Bringing Up Baby)
Walter Burns (His Girl Friday)
C.K. Dexter Haven (The Philadelphia Story)
Mortimer Brewster (Arsenic and Old Lace)
Devlin (Notorious)
Nickie Ferrante (An Affair to Remember)
Roger O. Thornhill (North by Northwest)

21. Daniel Day-Lewis
Key Role(s): Cecil Vyse (A Room with a View)
Tomas (The Unbearable Lightness of Being)
Christy Brown (My Left Foot)
Hawkeye (The Last of the Mohicans)
Newland Archer (The Age of Innocence)
Gerry Conlon (In the Name of the Father)
Bill the Butcher (Gangs of New York)
Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood)
Guido Contini (Nine)

100 favorite film actors: #40-#31

40. Woody Allen
Key Role(s): Virgil Starkwell (Take the Money and Run)
Fielding Mellish (Bananas)
Alvy Singer (Annie Hall)
Isaac (Manhattan)
Mickey (Hannah and Her Sisters)
Cliff Stern (Crimes & Misdemeanors)

39. Michael Douglas
Key Role(s): Richard Adams (The China Syndrome)
Jack Colton (Romancing the Stone)
Dan Gallagher (Fatal Attraction)
Gordon Gekko (Wall Street)
Detective Nick Curran (Basic Instinct)
President Andrew Shepherd (The American President)
Grady Tripp (Wonder Boys)
Robert Wakefield (Traffic)

38. James Franco
Key Role(s): Harry Osborn (Spider-Man)
Sgt. Dan Carnelli (In the Valley of Elah)
Saul Silver (Pineapple Express)
Scott Smith (Milk)
Allen Ginsberg (Howl)
Aron Ralston (127 Hours)

37. Henry Fonda
Key Role(s): Preston Dillard (Jezebel)
Tom Joad (The Grapes of Wrath)
Charles (The Lady Eve)
Gil Carter (The Ox-Bow Incident)
Lt. Doug Roberts (Mister Roberts)
Juror #8 (12 Angry Men)
Frank (Once Upon a Time in the West)
Norman Thayer (On Golden Pond)

36. Javier Bardem
Key Role(s): David (Live Flesh)
Reinaldo Arenas (Before Night Falls)
Ramon Sampedro (The Sea Inside)
Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men)
Juan Antonio (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)
Uxbal (Biutiful)

35. Robin Williams
Key Role(s): Garp (The World According to Garp)
Adrian Cronauer (Good Morning, Vietnam)
John Keating (Dead Poets Society)
Dr. Malcolm Sayer (Awakenings)
Parry (The Fisher King)
The Genie (Aladdin)
Daniel Hillard (Mrs. Doubtfire)
Armand Goldman (The Birdcage)
Sean Maguire (Good Will Hunting)

34. Benicio del Toro
Key Role(s): Fred Fenster (The Usual Suspects)
Dr. Gonzo (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
Javier Rodriguez (Traffic)
Jackie Boy (Sin City)
Jerry Sunborne (Things We Lost in the Fire)
Ernesto Che Guevara (Che)

33. Clive Owen
Key Role(s): Jack Manfred (Croupier)
Robert Parks (Gosford Park)
The Professor (The Bourne Identity)
Larry (Closer)
Dwight (Sin City)
Theo Faron (Children of Men)

32. Jim Broadbent
Key Role(s): Dr. Jaffe (Brazil)
Col (The Crying Game)
Warner Purcell (Bullets Over Broadway)
Mr. Boo (Little Voice)
W.S. Gilbert (Topsy-Turvy)
Bridget’s Dad (Bridget Jones’s Diary)
Harold Zidler (Moulin Rouge!)
John Bayley (Iris)
Inspector Frank Butterman (Hot Fuzz)
Tom (Another Year)

31. Laurence Olivier
Key Role(s): Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)
Maxim de Winter (Rebecca)
Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice)
Hamlet (Hamlet)
Richard III (Richard III)
Archie Rice (The Entertainer)
Othello (Othello)
Andrew Wyke (Sleuth)
Szell (Marathon Man)
Ezra Lieberman (The Boys From Brazil)

100 favorite film actors: #50-#41

50. Walter Matthau
Key Role(s): Hamilton Bartholomew (Charade)
Willie Gingrich (The Fortune Cookie)
Oscar Madison (The Odd Couple)
Lt. Zachary Garber (The Taking of Pelham One Two Three)
Willy Clark (The Sunshine Boys)
Coach Morris Buttermaker (The Bad News Bears)
Max Goldman (Grumpy Old Men)

49. Chris Cooper
Key Role(s): John Hickam (October Sky)
Col. Frank Fitts (American Beauty)
Conklin (The Bourne Identity)
John Laroche (Adaptation.)
Tom Smith (Seabiscuit)
Phil Woodward (The Company Men)

48. Richard Jenkins
Key Role(s): Hank Aimes (North Country)
Prof. Walter Vale (The Visitor)
Ted (Burn After Reading)
Richard from Texas (Eat Pray Love)
The Father (Let Me In)

47. Aaron Eckhart
Key Role(s): George (Erin Brockovich)
Brake Baldwin (The Missing)
Nick Naylor (Thank You For Smoking)
Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight)
Howie (Rabbit Hole)

46. Humphrey Bogart
Key Role(s): Roy Earle (High Sierra)
Samuel Spade (The Maltese Falcon)
Rick Blaine (Casablanca)
Steve Morgan (To Have and Have Not)
Philip Marlowe (The Big Sleep)
Dobbs (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre)
Frank McCloud (Key Largo)
Charlie Allnut (The African Queen)

45. George Clooney
Key Role(s): Jack Taylor (One Fine Day)
Jack Foley (Out of Sight)
Danny Ocean (Ocean’s Eleven)
Fred Friendly (Good Night, and Good Luck)
Michael Clayton (Michael Clayton)
Harry Pfarrer (Burn After Reading)
Ryan Bingham (Up in the Air)

44. Tom Cruise
Key Role(s): Joel Goodsen (Risky Business)
Charlie Babbitt (Rain Man)
Ron Kovic (Born on the Fourth of July)
Lt. Daniel Kaffee (A Few Good Men)
Jerry Maguire (Jerry Maguire)
Frank T.J. Mackey (Magnolia)
John Anderton (Minority Report)

43. Denzel Washington
Key Role(s): Steve Biko (Cry Freedom)
Pvt. Trip (Glory)
Malcolm X (Malcolm X)
Joe Miller (Philadelphia)
Dudley (The Preacher’s Wife)
Rubin Carter (The Hurricane)
Coach Herman Boone (Remember the Titans)
Det. Alonzo Harris (Training Day)

42. Mark Ruffalo
Key Role(s): Terry Prescott (You Can Count on Me)
Jack Linden (We Don’t Live Here Anymore)
Stan (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Inspector Dave Toschi (Zodiac)
Paul (The Kids Are All Right)
Chuck Aule (Shutter Island)

41. Robert Downey, Jr
Key Role(s): David Seton Barnes (Soapdish)
Charles Chaplin (Chaplin)
Terry Crabtree (Wonder Boys)
Paul Avery (Zodiac)
Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)

100 favorite film actors: #60-#51

The top half of the favorite actors countdown is coming ever closer – where last we left off… (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) … so now that you’ve refreshed your memory of the recent entries on the list, let’s move into the 50s.

60. Gene Kelly
Key Role(s): Joseph Brady (Anchors Aweigh)
Gabey (On the Town)
Jerry Mulligan (An American in Paris)
Don Lockwood (Singin’ in the Rain)

59. Christian Bale
Key Role(s): Jamie Graham (Empire of the Sun)
Cowboy Kelly (Newsies)
Laurie (Little Women)
Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)
Trevor Reznik (The Machinist)
Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight)
Dicky Eklund (The Fighter)

58. Kevin Spacey
Key Role(s): Verbal Kint (The Usual Suspects)
John Doe (Se7en)
Jack Vincennes (L.A. Confidential)
Lester Burnham (American Beauty)
Jack Abramoff (Casino Jack)

57. Adrien Brody
Key Role(s): Cpl. Fife (The Thin Red Line)
Wladyslaw Szpilman (The Pianist)
Jack Driscoll (King Kong)
Leonard Chess (Cadillac Records)
Clive Nicoli (Splice)

56. Alec Guinness
Key Role(s): The Cardinal (The Prisoner)
Professor Marcus (The Ladykillers)
Col. Nicholson (The Bridge on the River Kwai)
Prince Feisal (Lawrence of Arabia)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)
Godbole (A Passage to India)

55. Robert Redford
Key Role(s): Paul Bratter (Barefoot in the Park)
The Sundance Kid (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
Bill McKay (The Candidate)
Hubbell (The Way We Were)
Johnny Hooker (The Sting)
Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)
Bob Woodward (All the President’s Men)
Roy Hobbs (The Natural)
Marty Bishop (Sneakers)

54. Gene Hackman
Key Role(s): Buck Barrow (Bonnie and Clyde)
Gene Garrison (I Never Sang for My Father)
Jimmy Doyle (The French Connection)
Harry Caul (The Conversation)
Pete Van Wherry (Reds)
Coach Norman Dale (Hoosiers)
Little Bill Daggett (Unforgiven)
Sen. Kevin Keeley (The Birdcage)
Royal Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums)

53. Viggo Mortensen
Key Role(s): Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings trilogy)
Tom Stall (A History of Violence)
Nikolai (Eastern Promises)
Man (The Road)

52. James Earl Jones
Key Role(s): Lothar Zogg (Dr. Strangelove)
Jack Jefferson (The Great White Hope)
Darth Vader (Star Wars trilogy)
Terry Mann (Field of Dreams)
Admiral Greer (The Hunt for Red October)
Mufasa (The Lion King)

51. Peter O’Toole
Key Role(s): T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)
Henry II (The Lion in Winter)
Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha)
Alan Swann (My Favorite Year)
Reginald Johnston (The Last Emperor)
Maurice (Venus)
Anton Ego (Ratatouille)

100 favorite film actors: #70-#61

We’re closing in on the tip-top gents in the film acting business right here on the ol’ blog.  Before you traverse the #60s, make sure and check out the thirty that came before them – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – and throw all your qualms out in the comments…

70. William Holden
Key Role(s): Joe Gillis (Sunset Blvd.)
Paul Verrall (Born Yesterday)
Sgt. J.J. Sefton (Stalag 17)
David Larrabee (Sabrina)
Hal Carter (Picnic)
Shears (The Bridge on the River Kwai)
Pike Bishop (The Wild Bunch)
Max Schumacher (Network)

69. James Dean
Key Role(s): Cal Trask (East of Eden)
Jim Stark (Rebel Without a Cause)
Jett Rink (Giant)

68. Ewan McGregor
Key Role(s): Renton (Trainspotting)
Curt Wild (Velvet Goldmine)
Billy (Little Voice)
Christian (Moulin Rouge!)
Catcher Block (Down with Love)
Ed Bloom (Big Fish)
Phillip Morris (I Love You Phillip Morris)
The Ghost (The Ghost Writer)

67. Michael Sheen
Key Role(s): Lodovico (Othello)
Robbie Ross (Wilde)
Tony Blair (The Queen)
David Frost (Frost/Nixon)
Brian Clough (The Damned United)

66. Tommy Lee Jones
Key Role(s): Doolittle Lynn (Coal Miner’s Daughter)
Clay Shaw (JFK)
Samuel Gerard (The Fugitive)
Roy Foltrigg (The Client)
Agent K (Men in Black)
Ed Tom Bell (No Country for Old Men)
Hank Deerfield (In the Valley of Elah)

65. Jude Law
Key Role(s): Danny (Music from Another Room)
Dickie Greenleaf (The Talented Mr. Ripley)
Gigolo Joe (A.I.: Artificial Intelligence)
Inman (Cold Mountain)
Brad Stand (I Heart Huckabees)
Dan (Closer)
Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes)

64. Jim Carrey
Key Role(s): Fletcher Reede (Liar Liar)
Truman Burbank (The Truman Show)
Andy Kaufman (Man on the Moon)
Bruce Nolan (Bruce Almighty)
Joel Barish (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Count Olaf (Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate…)
Horton (Horton Hears a Who!)
Steven Russell (I Love You Phillip Morris)

63. Matthew Broderick
Key Role(s): David (WarGames)
Phillipe Gaston (Ladyhawke)
Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
Col. Robert Gould Shaw (Glory)
Simba (The Lion King)
Jim McAllister (Election)
Brian Everett (You Can Count on Me)
Roger Beekman (Strangers with Candy)

62. Ryan Gosling
Key Role(s): Dan Dunne (Half Nelson)
Willy Beachum (Fracture)
Lars Lindstrom (Lars and the Real Girl)
Dean (Blue Valentine)

61. J.K. Simmons
Key Role(s): J. Jonah Jameson (Spider-Man)
Garth Pancake (The Ladykillers)
BR (Thank You For Smoking)
Mac McGuff (Juno)
CIA Superior (Burn After Reading)
Bob (Up in the Air)
Mr. Wrobleski (Jennifer’s Body)

100 favorite film actors: #80-#71

Now that the LCTs have come to a close for another year, it’s time to return to the 100 actors countdown!  (I know, you were shaking in your boots for more…)  So catch up by checking out #100 thru #91 and #90 thru #81, and peruse the next 10 below…

80. James Caan
Key Role(s): Sonny Corleone (The Godfather)
John Baggs, Jr. (Cinderella Liberty)
Frank Athearn (Comes a Horseman)
Paul Sheldon (Misery)
Eddie Sparks (For the Boys)

79. Christopher Plummer
Key Role(s): Captain von Trapp (The Sound of Music)
Rudyard Kipling (The Man Who Would Be King)
Dr. Goines (Twelve Monkeys)
Mike Wallace (The Insider)
Dr. Rosen (A Beautiful Mind)
Charles Muntz (Up)
Dr. Parnassus (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)
Leo Tolstoy (The Last Station)

78. Liam Neeson
Key Role(s): Fielding (The Mission)
Oskar Schindler (Schindler’s List)
Jerome Lovell (Nell)
Daniel (Love Actually)
Alfred Kinsey (Kinsey)
Aslan (The Chronicles of Narnia)

77. Geoffrey Rush
Key Role(s): David Helfgott (Shine)
Sir Francis Walsingham (Elizabeth)
Philip Henslowe (Shakespeare in Love)
The Marquis de Sade (Quills)
Nigel (Finding Nemo)
Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Ephraim (Munich)
Lionel Logue (The King’s Speech)

76. Jeff Bridges
Key Role(s): Duane Jackson (The Last Picture Show)
Kevin Flynn (TRON)
Starman (Starman)
Jack Baker (The Fabulous Baker Boys)
Jack (The Fisher King)
The Dude (The Big Lebowski)
Pres. Jackson Evans (The Contender)
Bad Blake (Crazy Heart)
Rooster Cogburn (True Grit)

75. Michael Gambon
Key Role(s): Lt. Gen. Leland Zevo (Toys)
Lionel Croy (The Wings of the Dove)
Thomas Sandefur (The Insider)
William McCordle (Gosford Park)
Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter series)
King George V (The King’s Speech)

74. Tom Wilkinson
Key Role(s): Father Matthew Thomas (Priest)
Mr. Dashwood (Sense & Sensibility)
Gerald (The Full Monty)
Hugh Fennyman (Shakespeare in Love)
Matt Fowler (In the Bedroom)
Dr. Howard Mierzwiak (Eternal Sunshine of the…)
Arthur Edens (Michael Clayton)

73. Russell Crowe
Key Role(s): Bud White (L.A. Confidential)
Jeffrey Wigand (The Insider)
Maximus (Gladiator)
John Nash (A Beautiful Mind)
Capt. Jack Aubrey (Master and Commander)
Ben Wade (3:10 to Yuma)
Cal McAffrey (State of Play)

72. Dennis Hopper
Key Role(s): Goon (Rebel Without a Cause)
Jordan Benedict (Giant)
Babalugats (Cool Hand Luke)
Billy (Easy Rider)
Moon (True Grit)
Photojournalist (Apocalypse Now!)
Frank Booth (Blue Velvet)
Shooter (Hoosiers)
Howard Payne (Speed)

71. Ed Harris
Key Role(s): John Glenn (The Right Stuff)
Wayne Lomax (Places in the Heart)
Gene Kranz (Apollo 13)
Christof (The Truman Show)
Jackson Pollock (Pollock)
Richard Brown (The Hours)
Mr. Smith (The Way Back)

100 favorite film actors: #90-#81

The countdown continues with the next men who rank amongst my favorite film actors.  If you need to do some catching up, check out Nos. 100 thru 91, and come back here to analyze this newest installment.

90. Cillian Murphy
Key Role(s): Jim (28 Days Later)
Pieter (Girl with a Pearl Earring)
Dr. Crane/Scarecrow (Batman Begins)
Jackson Rippner (Red Eye)
Patrick ‘Kitten’ Braden (Breakfast on Pluto)
Damien (The Wind That Shakes the Barley)
Robert Fischer (Inception)

89. Steve Martin
Key Role(s): Roger Cobb (All of Me)
Lucky Day (Three Amigos!)
Orin Scrivello (Little Shop of Horrors)
Charlie Bales (Roxanne)
Gil Buckman (Parenthood)
George Banks (Father of the Bride)
Adam (It’s Complicated)

88. Steve Buscemi
Key Role(s): Mr. Pink (Reservoir Dogs)
Buddy Holly (Pulp Fiction)
Carl Showalter (Fargo)
Cornell (28 Days)
Seymour (Ghost World)
Randall Boggs (Monsters Inc.)
Nebbercracker (Monster House)

87. Oliver Platt
Key Role(s): Neil Bleene (Postcards from the Edge)
Paul Bunyan (Tall Tale)
Harry Rex Vonner (A Time to Kill)
Jim Burns (Pieces of April)
Bob Zelnick (Frost/Nixon)
Alex (Please Give)

86. Albert Finney
Key Role(s): Tom Jones (Tom Jones)
Mark Wallace (Two for the Road)
Hercule Poirot (Murder on the Orient Express)
Daddy Warbucks (Annie)
Sir (The Dresser)
Ed Masry (Erin Brockovich)
Ed Bloom (Big Fish)

85. Josh Brolin
Key Role(s): Brand Walsh (The Goonies)
Greg Earlinger (Melinda and Melinda)
Llewelyn Moss (No Country for Old Men)
George W. Bush (W.)
Dan White (Milk)
Tom Chaney (True Grit)

84. Dennis Quaid
Key Role(s): Mike (Breaking Away)
Willis Davidge (Enemy Mine)
Jack Faulkner (Postcards from the Edge)
Nick Parker (The Parent Trap)
Arnie Metzger (Traffic)
Jimmy Morris (The Rookie)
Frank Whitaker (Far From Heaven)

83. George C. Scott
Key Role(s): Claude Dancer (Anatomy of a Murder)
Bert Gordon (The Hustler)
General Turgidson (Dr. Strangelove)
General George S. Patton (Patton)
Dr. Bock (The Hospital)
McLeach (The Rescuers Down Under)

82. Richard Dreyfuss
Key Role(s): Matt Hooper (Jaws)
Roy Neary (Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
Elliot Garfield (The Goodbye Girl)
The Writer (Stand By Me)
Dr. Leo Marvin (What About Bob?)
Glenn Holland (Mr. Holland’s Opus)

81. Martin Landau
Key Role(s): Leonard (North by Northwest)
Abe (Tucker: The Man and His Dream)
Judah Rosenthal (Crimes & Misdemeanors)
Bela Lugosi (Ed Wood)
Robert Malone (Lovely, Still)

The ’70s are up next – stay tuned!

100 favorite film actors: #100-#91

It’s been quite a while since my 10-part countdown of my all-time favorite movie actresses, so I thought it was about time that I get going on the guys.  So without further adieu, here’s the first part of my humble list of my 100 favorite male movie stars.

100. Djimon Honsou
Key Role(s): Cinque (Amistad)
Juba (Gladiator)
Mateo (In America)
Solomon Vandy (Blood Diamond)
Caliban (The Tempest)

99. Jamie Bell
Key Role(s): Billy Elliott (Billy Elliott)
Smike (Nicholas Nickleby)
Dean (The Chumscrubber)
Jimmy (King Kong)
Ralph Ignatowski (Flags of Our Fathers)
Asael Bielski (Defiance)

98. Nathan Lane
Key Role(s): Timon (The Lion King)
Albert Goldman (The Birdcage)
Vincent Crummies (Nicholas Nickleby)
Max Bialystock (The Producers)

97. Sean Astin
Key Role(s): Mikey Walsh (The Goonies)
Rudy Ruettiger (Rudy)
Gary (Bulworth)
Samwise Gamgee (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy)

96. Hugh Grant
Key Role(s): Clive Durham (Maurice)
Reginald Cardinal (The Remains of the Day)
Charles (Four Weddings and a Funeral)
Edward Ferrars (Sense & Sensibility)
William Thacker (Notting Hill)
Daniel Cleaver (Bridget Jones’s Diary)
The Prime Minister (Love Actually)

95. Billy Crystal
Key Role(s): Morty the Mime (This is Spinal Tap)
Miracle Max (The Princess Bride)
Larry (Throw Momma from the Train)
Harry Burns (When Harry Met Sally…)
Mitch Robbins (City Slickers)
Dr. Ben Sobel (Analyze This)
Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.)

94. Sam Neill
Key Role(s): Harry Beecham (My Brilliant Career)
Michael Chamberlain (A Cry in the Dark)
Captain Vasili Borodin (The Hunt for Red October)
Alisdair Stewart (The Piano)
Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)

93. Daniel Craig
Key Role(s): John Ballard (Elizabeth)
Connor Rooney (Road to Perdition)
Ted Hughes (Sylvia)
XXXX (Layer Cake)
Steve (Munich)
James Bond (Casino Royale)

92. Stanley Tucci
Key Role(s): Khamel (The Pelican Brief)
Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Frank Nitti (Road to Perdition)
Frank Dixon (The Terminal)
Nigel (The Devil Wears Prada)
Paul Child (Julie & Julia)
George Harvey (The Lovely Bones)
Dill (Easy A)

91. Samuel L. Jackson
Key Role(s): Mister Senor Love Daddy (Do the Right Thing)
Stacks Edwards (Goodfellas)
Gator Purify (Jungle Fever)
Tat Lawson (Menace II Society)
Ray Arnold (Jurassic Park)
Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)
Ordell Robbie (Jackie Brown)
Charles Morritz (The Red Violin)
Lucius “Frozone” Best (The Incredibles)
Neville Flynn (Snakes on a Plane)
Paul (Mother and Child)

Stay tuned soon for the next 10!