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links: INSIDIOUS review, top 10 BENING films

The timing is yet again purely coincidental, but I have two new guest posts on my compadres’ blogs.  Over at Top 10 Films is my Top 10 Annette Bening films, and at Anomalous Material is my review of new release horror film Insidious.  Do check them out!

guest posts elsewhere…

Well it turns out, my contributions to blogging aren’t restricted to this here site!  Yep, I can’t seem to get enough of this whole movie writing gig, so I’ve become a regular contributor at not one, but two other sites.  Check out the latest two columns that practically got posted simultaneously, no less:  my review of this weekend’s #1, Rango at Anomalous Material … and my Top 10 Favorite Meryl Streep Films over at Top 10 Films.

link rundown (3/3/11)

Well it’s only fitting that, following the biggest week in Hollywood, the film blogosphere would be trotting out their best material for your perusal.  So let’s take a gander at some of the wares being sold by our favorite bloggers.  Jose at Movies Kick Ass has written a phenomenal piece on “the other Best Actress curse,” and the facts are frankly a little disheartening – Gloria Steinem would not be proud.  Also concerning Oscar, Tom at Reinvention offers up his final assessment of the night that was, while others cite the fashions of the evening – Nathaniel comments on the gals and guys, while Jose gives his complete rundown of the best-dressed women (thanks for the shout-out!) … And a few more gems regarding the big night – Guy Lodge at In Contention cites a new example of women breaking Oscar’s barriers (they’ve also provided a helpful laundry list of interviews with the night’s winners), and Kate Winslet weighs in on her unexpected Melissa Leo shout-out over at Awards Daily.

Lastly, it’s that time of year when we move on from Oscar mania and start discussing other topics.  Robert begins his movie-watching freedom by visiting Black Narcissus.  Anomalous Material provides an exhaustive list of the 52 most iconic uses of pop music in movies – a fun read.  Andrew takes us all down a notch with a list of notable movie deaths.  And Dan at Top10Films provides a very unique list of the best films set in one day and set in one night.

link rundown

It’s about that time again for me to heap some praises on my peers for their stellar work out in the blogosphere, so feel free to direct your attention beyond Journalistic Skepticism to the following treats. There are of course reviews galore as Oscar season hits full swing. If it’s thoughts on new release True Grit you’re interested in, Rob at Anomalous Material gives it a less-than-perfect (but not without its charms) assessment. Simon at Four of Them, who typically pulls no punches, has rather positive things to say about the movie. Speaking of, she’s put out her thoughts on Black Swan to boot.

Other reviews of note include Anomalous Material’s standings on Blue Valentine and Love and Other Drugs, Jose’s able reviewing skills at work on Black Swan and Rabbit Hole over at Movies Kick Ass, Andrew at Encore Entertainment’s less-than-positive musings on Tangled, and Robert at His Eyes Were Watching Movies’ surprisingly harsh words for The Other Guys.

Now if you’ll take a look at some of the other posts floating around out there, you should probably take a peek at Joe Burns’ beginnings of discussion of the 1977 Best Actress race, the Anomalous Material Top 10 Movies of the Year, Andrew’s wrap-up of his best animated voices in moviedom, and Top 10 Films’ take on the 10 best of Alfred Hitchcock.

Finally, but definitely not least of all, Nathaniel at The Film Experience had the enviable position of interviewing three stellar talents in the film biz, Kirsten Dunst, Patricia Clarkson, and Alexandre Desplat – please do check out the transcripts – great stuff.

link rundown

**Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I
(Encore Entertainment, Movies Kick Ass)
**Black Swan
(His Eyes Were Watching Movies)
**The Fighter
(The Film Experience)
**127 Hours
(Anomalous Material)
**Morning Glory
(Anomalous Material)
**The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
(Marshall and the Movies)
(His Eyes Were Watching Movies)
**Love and Other Drugs
(Marshall and the Movies)

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link rundown: AUGUST 5, 2010

**Andrew at Encore Entertainment brings us ever closer to the conclusion of his fascinating list of the best voice performances in movies
**Simon at Four of Them prefers her memes quick and painless – check out her list of answers to the latest movie meme on the block
**Nathaniel at The Film Experience has watched the spanking new trailer for Burlesque and has some choice words in his latest Yes, No, Maybe So
**Red at Anomalous Material takes on the latest Oscar buzzy movie The Kids Are All Right, and doesn’t quite fall for its charms
**Jude at And All That Film has a creepy time taking on Ingmar Bergman’s classic Cries & Whispers
**Jose at Movies Kick Ass doesn’t buy into the universal love for Despicable Me, though those minions do try their damnedest
**Robert at His Eyes Were Watching Movies is chomping at the bit for the latest music-performance-based movie The Concert and its Melanie-Laurent-ridden trailer
**Marshall at Marshall and the Movies is pleading with you to read his charming Marshall & Julie series – and we should be awfully inclined to give it a shot

link rundown: JULY 4, 2010

**Jose at Movies Kick Ass has some divergent things to say about the critically-maligned Sex and the City 2, and he makes an awful lot of sense…

**Jude at And All That Film takes a hit a show that he hates, and I have to somewhat agree…
**Bob at Listogriphicationality gives his shorthand version of the epic TV meme – just beware spoilers in that final topic…
**M. Carter of M. Carter at the Movies celebrates a 29th birthday by choosing the best movie from each year of being alive…
**Andrew from Encore Entertainment continues his trek toward his #1 movie of all time with #9, The Graduate, and a little assistance from his blogger friends…
**Robert at His Eyes Were Watching Movies revisits The Incredibles to great revelations…
**Mike from You Talking to Me? gives rather high marks to the action romp Knight and Day
**Nathaniel at The Film Experience supplies us with an enlightening list of the oldest living Oscar nominees in honor of Gloria Stuart’s big 1-0-0…
**Castor at Anomalous Material commences round 2 of the epic comedy tournament and debuts a fantastic new site design…
**Simon at Four of Them has music on her mind and encourages you to take a peek as well…
**Sonia at Little Red Writing Blog muses over her Twilight-bashing specialty cover letter…