link rundown: APRIL 19, 2010

**Simon at Four of Them did a fantastic write-up on the state of female roles in cinema pre-1970 – Adam’s Rib, Bonnie and Clyde, Citizen Kane… oh my!

**Castor at Anomalous Material reviews the slick period crime thriller L.A. Confidential, and gives it the justice it deserves…
**Mike at You Talking to Me? has a few things to say about the merits of the premier piece of cinema known as Sleepaway Camp
**Sara at Eco-Vintage Weddings is upping the ante yet again with her newest photography idea…
**Jose at Movies Kick Ass laments the passing of yet another casting gone awry – what ever will Gwyneth do now?
**Andrew at Encore Entertainment gives a rundown of one of the great musical scenes in filmdom – work Catherine!
**And RC at Strange Culture gabs about that great Disney Afternoon / comic book offering, DuckTales!

3 responses to “link rundown: APRIL 19, 2010”

  1. Mike Lippert says :

    Cool, thansk for the link. I really have to start doing this again. But, like everything, I blame school.

  2. Simon says :

    WOO! Linked!

  3. Castor says :

    Thanks for the link love, I am honored 🙂

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