the product placement quiz #4

All right, to simplify things this time, I’m giving you three images, all of which are product placement samples from movies that feature the same actor. Can you name any or all of the movies and the connecting actor?




4 responses to “the product placement quiz #4”

  1. Dan says :

    I'm struggling with this – I knew I recognised the first image but couldn't place it straight away. My guess would be Brad Pitt and the first image is from Burn After Reading.The others I'm not too sure – is #3 from Mr and Mrs Smith. I'm going to guess Ocean's Eleven or The Mexican for #2.

  2. Luke says :

    Well, you're definitely right about Burn After Reading, and the common thread for the three is Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, one of your other guesses is misplaced on the wrong image…

  3. Erik says :

    A common thread is Brad Pitt:1) Burn After Reading2) Mr. and Mrs. Smith3) Oceans ThirteenErik

  4. Luke says :

    Ding ding ding! Erik is definitely correct… well done sir!

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