birthdays: march 4

March3Jenna Boyd, 21 – She accompanied frontierswoman Cate Blanchett in The Missing and hung out with streak-haired Amber Tamblyn in Traveling Pants

Andrea Bowen, 24 – Susan Mayer’s little girl is all grown up – Desperate Housewives’ doting daughter Julie is celebrating her bday

Josh Bowman, 26 – One-time millionaire schmuck and now millionaire villain, poor Daniel Grayson can’t catch a break on Revenge

Margo Harshman, 28 – She lived in a pre-bizarro Shia LaBeouf world as best buddy Tawny on the delightful Even Stevens

Shavar Ross, 43 – TGIF, y’all! He was big brother Eddie’s buddy Weasel on Family Matters

Daniel Roebuck, 51 – Character actor best known for his stint on Lost and his role as one of the marshals in The Fugitive

Steven Weber, 53 – The goofy half of the Hackett brothers on Wings

Patricia Heaton, 56 – Speaking of ’90s sitcoms, she was the wife who could put up with pretty much the mother-in-law from hell on Everybody Loves Raymond

Mykelti Williamson, 54 – There about a million ways to eat shrimp. Take it from Bubba Buford Blue from Forrest Gump

Catherine O’Hara, 60 – One of the all-time greats, she screamed “Kevin!” into history, danced the Day-O for Tim Burton and has been attached at the hip to Christopher Guest for the past couple decades – can we all agree to make sure she wins an Oscar sometime soon?

Brian Cummings, 66 – Voice actor extraordinaire (and Sioux Falls native!), he took on the stove in Beauty and the Beast, Papa Bear in the Berenstain Bears and Doofus Drake in DuckTales

Adrian Lyne, 73 – Saucy movies are his game – think Fatal AttractionUnfaithful9 1/2 Weeks and Flashdance

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