birthdays: march 3

March3Stacie Orrico, 28 – Sometimes contemporary Christian artist, sometimes touter of the notion that “There’s Gotta Be More to Life”

Toby Turner, 29 – Three billion views ain’t too shabby – “Tobuscus” is the reigning king of YouTube shenanigans

Jessica Biel, 32 – From 7th Heaven to confusing tabloid ubiquity, though she’s known for her marriage now, her career highlight for me has to be The Illusionist

Patrick Renna, 35 – A 90s fixture for anyone born in the 80s, he could really throw shade, as evidenced by The Sandlot, but largely disappeared after manning the goal in The Big Green

David Faustino, 40 – He’s been pretty much MIA since Married… with Children ended, but he rejoined on-screen dad Ed O’Neill in a recent Modern Family

Julie Bowen, 44 – She may’ve been arm candy in movies and television of the 90s, but the skilled comic actress has gotten to stretch her legs in this new decade on Modern Family, as the show’s enduring highlight

Mary Page Keller, 53 – Character actress who got her start in the soaps and has since frequented the small screen in Mad MenNip/Tuck and Scandal, she also romanced her gay husband Christopher Plummer in Beginners

Ira Glass, 55 – The go-to voice of NPR, he’s been telling stories in This American Life for the past nearly 20 years

Miranda Richardson, 56 – A supremely under-appreciated actress, she’s wowed in all genres, from costume drama (Enchanted AprilTom & VivThe Lost Prince) to thrillers (The Crying GameSleepy Hollow) to just plain fun (Chicken Run)

Jennifer Warnes, 67 – ’80s soundtrack staple, she’s lifted us “Up Where We Belong” and has had the “Time of (Her) Life” – cheesy ballads require cheesy commentary

George Miller, 69 – He’s directed dancing penguins, some sneaky witches of Eastwick and a road warrior – oh, and he gave some dialogue to a pig who thinks he’s a dog

Patricia MacLachlan, 76 – She’ll always be aces in my book for bringing the wonderful Sarah, Plain and Tall to children’s literature and to Glenn Close’s filmography

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