top 10 best lead actors (TV) of 2013

workaholics-s2-adam-21. Adam DeVine, Workaholics (Comedy Central)

picture-of-joel-kinnaman-in-the-killing-2011--large-picture2. Joel Kinnaman, The Killing (AMC)

house-of-cards013. Kevin Spacey, House of Cards (Netflix)

maxresdefault-24. Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation (NBC)

maxresdefault-35. Blake Anderson, Workaholics (Comedy Central)

04-newsroom-jeff-daniels6. Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom (HBO)

Joffrey's Name Day. A joust fight is in progress. Tyrion returns from battle . Intrp Ser Dontos.7. Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones (HBO)

maxresdefault-48. Lucas Neff, Raising Hope (FOX)

hannibal9. Hugh Dancy, Hannibal (NBC)

qvc610. Anders Holm, Workaholics (Comedy Central)

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