2011 bloggers’ choice awards: THE NOMINEES

The votes are in!  After a somewhat eventful morning with Jennifer Lawrence, hopefully you’re ready to see the choices of the film bloggers!  Though no one film had the showing Black Swan had in last year’s voting (11 nominations), a couple came close, with Drive and The Help leading the nomination count at 8 nominations apiece.  The polls for picking the winners will be open until the night before the Oscars, so you have ample time to make your choices.  Here are this year’s nominees (and for a refresher, feel free to check out last year’s):

Best Picture
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Original Screenplay

Best Adapted Screenplay


Best Cinematography

Best Costume Design
Best Sound Editing
Best Sound Mixing
Best Visual Effects
Best Animated Feature
Best Documentary Feature
Best Film Editing
Best Foreign Language Film
Best Original Score
Best Original Song
Best Makeup

One response to “2011 bloggers’ choice awards: THE NOMINEES”

  1. Robert says :

    Yay! Tom Cullen got nominated! Haha these are great, I will definitely be voting soon. It's so fun to see what the film blogging community likes.

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