CASTING CREW: a galaxy far, far away

Gosh, I forgot how much doing these posts are!  Sure, I’m called out on my occasional blasphemy for my remake or casting choices, but here’s a behind-the-scenes Hollywood type flick I’m giving the Casting Crew treatment to.  Behind the scenes of the filming of Star Wars, from the butting heads of young director George Lucas and cinematographer Gilbert Taylor, to the no-nonsense attitude of a 19-year-old Carrie Fisher, it could make an interesting ’70s period piece…

Joshua Jackson as George Lucas
The Director

Ron Livingston as Alan Ladd, Jr.
20th Century Fox Creative Director

Bill Paxton as Gary Kurtz
The Producer

Bill Murray as Gilbert Taylor
The Cinematographer

Matt Bomer as Harrison Ford
The Leading Man

Emma Stone as Carrie Fisher
The Hollywood Royalty

Bug Hall as Mark Hamill
Mr. Skywalker

Alan Rickman as Alec Guinness
The Thespian

**Thoughts, readers?**

2 responses to “CASTING CREW: a galaxy far, far away”

  1. Keith Braithwaite says :

    There are not that many movie blogs around so it was a delight to find one as useful as this. Please keep up the good work.Another good one I found was

  2. Mac Nixon says :

    I’ve always thought a movie focusing on George Lucas’ trials and tribulations of getting the first SW movie made had a lot of potential and could be brilliant. I love your casting, although I remember when I had to come up with a dream cast for this for a small film school project, I cast Jay Baruchel as GL (I know, but look at Eisenberg before he did SN) and coincidentally I cast Emma Stone, but in a different role, Marcia Lucas. His then wife and temporary editor of Scorsese’s New York, New York (she thought Lucas should have been making films like Scorsese. I wouldn’t actually have the main star wars actors in it, it would be like they were background extras in the distance, you see them and recognise them but no more than that. But you’re casting for Alan Ladd and Gary Kurtz is so mindblowingly perfect, it’s genius.

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