august MOVIE MEME, day 13: my least favorite sci-fi movie

Now that we’ve gotten the sci-fi love out of the way, it’s time for the ire.  Now, I know my choice is awfully recent, but I guess I’ve managed to avoid the bad sci-fi movies of years past.  And this one was pretty terrible.  Trust me.

Skyline (2010, dir. Colin Strause) – Let’s start off with the basic concept:  aliens stop by earth to pick up some cargo – humans – for who knows what?  A bunch of good-looking rich people who blow their money on wild partying and spending time complaining about how empty their lives are are our heroes.  And we’re meant to feel sorry for them when they have to hightail it away from some vicious aliens out to harvest their bodies or something.  And therein lies the problem.  Unlikable characters who are being attacked for a very loose, seemingly nonexistent reason.  The movie is poorly written, there isn’t even a halfways decent performance in the bunch, and you leave the movie not really caring that the lead characters have been abducted or maimed or what have you.  On top of that, some people were actually bamboozled into paying 3-D prices for this.  Sad, sad day.  And I’m not even talking about the alien apocalypse.


2 responses to “august MOVIE MEME, day 13: my least favorite sci-fi movie”

  1. TomS says :

    I loved sci-fi for a long time. Now, I've become more selective about the genre, and so I see only the films that I am predisposed to like.My answer here, I expect, will be highly unpopular. The last sci-fi film that I disliked was "Avatar". I found the movie gimmicky, bombastic, and a triumph of marketing, in spite of some impressive effects.It represented to me what I was afraid the film industry was becoming. Fortunately, this scenario has sort of paled, in spite of Hollywood's best efforts to force it on us.

  2. Dan says :

    Great choice, Luke. Skyline is beyond rubbish.

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