august MOVIE MEME, day 9: first movie I owned on dvd

Shame-based blogging is concluded.  And thanks to some kindred confessions and defenses, I’m glad to have gotten it out.  But on to simpler topics.  My DVD collection has grown to a seriously unhealthy size since I was first introduced to the product, but here’s the first one I called my own…

The Sixth Sense (1999, dir. M. Night Shyamalan) – When I first heard word of this “DVD” nonsense, I – and the rest of my moving-buying family – was livid.  All these wonderful video cassettes were going to be moot in a matter of a few years?  Well, it didn’t take long for me to jump on board.  And, with the help of my brother, we went in on this DVD – one of our recent favorites of the time, The Sixth Sense (Speaking of, does anybody remember how great that movie was?  I know it had its ubiquitous stage immediately following its hoopla, but consider revisiting it as a simply great movie sometime.), for the standard $20.  I since acquired it from him and was granted sole custody, and it still rests proudly amongst the hundreds of others on my shelf.  Embracing DVDs was tough at first for this movie obsessive, but then again… history repeats itself, no?  This purchase was soon followed by The Mummy Returns and Cast Away (yes, I remember far too many details about my DVD collection).

One response to “august MOVIE MEME, day 9: first movie I owned on dvd”

  1. TomS says :

    I re-watched "Sixth Sense" a few months ago and I found it entertaining and well-made. Although nothing can match that first time shock….I still have an enormous VHS tape collection. A good number of titles are not available on DVD (1972 BP Oscar nominee "The Emigrants", for one), so with our trusty dual DVD-VHS player, we can still enjoy them.I think I purchased Altman's "Nashville" on DVD first. It is necessary to see this in a wide-screen format. Not only was my VHS version a pan-and-scan, but it was divided into 2 tapes! One of my favorite films and I could only effectively see half of it. I swore that if it ever came out in wide-screen, I would buy it. The rest is history.

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