august MOVIE MEME, day 6: last movie I watched obsessively

That last post of course brought up fond memories of childhood hilarity (yeah, I didn’t really understand some of the more adult humor until I’d reached a slightly more double-digited age, but whatever), and this one does the same for my recent years.  Though this movie was a mere blip on the radar of most, I found it so stinking funny for some odd reason…

Baby Mama (2008, Michael McCullers) – Though it fell victim to the typical fate of an April release and, for that matter, a female-led comedy (until of course the anomaly that has become Bridesmaids came along) by making a very modest amount at the box office, I can’t help but love Baby Mama.  The premise is probably tired (particularly in a post-Knocked Up, post-Juno 2008), but with two modern marvels of comedy heading up the silly buddy movie, it should’ve certainly connected.  At least I can ‘fess up that this is probably the last movie I watched obsessively.  Though DVDs are much more difficult to wear out than VHS tapes, I’m sure I’m getting close.  This was at the very least the last movie I watched twice in one night.  From Amy Poehler’s crack-up-worthy facial expressions to Tina Fey’s awkward-mom-like antics, it’s schtick we’ve seen before from the duo.  But it’s perfected schtick.  And really isn’t that what you’d hope for form a Hope/Crosby-type romp?


One response to “august MOVIE MEME, day 6: last movie I watched obsessively”

  1. TomS says :

    "Brokeback Mountain". We went to the theater about 9 times (I am embarrassed to admit). It was a singular movie experience, and then became sort of an affirmation each time we purchased a ticket. After its disastrous Oscar loss, it was like holding on to a dying person… Now we have the DVD to return to. Heath Ledger's loss adds another layer of poignancy….

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