casting crew, mix ‘n match: WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?

All right folks – I’m reviving the Casting Crew.  But this time I need some help.  It’s time to cast a remake (or additional play-to-film adaptation, depending on how you see it) of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? So for each of the four cast members, I’ve given you five options.  Mix and match your ideal cast in the comments!

Elizabeth Taylor as Martha

The Martha Contenders
Laura Linney, Helena Bonham Carter, Maria Bello,
Olivia Williams, or Cate Blanchett

Richard Burton as George

The George Contenders
Kyle MacLachlan, Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr.,
Michael Sheen, or Dougray Scott

Sandy Dennis as Honey

The Honey Contenders
Greta Gerwig, Mamie Gummer, Rebecca Hall,
Elisabeth Moss, or Bryce Dallas Howard

George Segal as Nick

The Dennis Contenders
Jude Law, Ryan Gosling, Jay Baruchel,
John Krasinski, or Lee Pace


8 responses to “casting crew, mix ‘n match: WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?”

  1. Andrew: Encore Entertainment says :

    HBC seems so left-field as Martha. I LOVE it. But can she keep her British accent?

  2. Brandon says :

    HBC as Martha and John Krasinski as Nick (you said that his name was Dennis!) I can actually see — but Burton and Sandy are nearly impossible to replace somehow; the characters wouldn't work without THEM.

  3. Luke says :

    Andrew: I sort of feel like she could do the Tracy Lords-esque semi-Euro high society lilt. I thought she could bring a real demented glee to the role. 🙂Brandon: And it appears I was excessively tired when I posted this. 🙂

  4. Andrew: Encore Entertainment says :

    No, for Krasinski. I love him, but he's not beautiful enough for Nick. Ben Foster, perhaps?

  5. TomS says :

    THIS was tough…If I had to choose from your casting suggestions, then I would go with Blanchett-Craig-Hall-Gosling.If I were Casting King, and HAD to re-cast this perfect film, I might go in another direction…Taylor was not considered a consummate actress before "Woolf"; she and Burton were THE hot couple; and they both came off a disastrous "Cleopatra"So, part of me wanted to cast a contemporary "couple"…. (Imagine Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman! Although Cruise would be blown off the screen…)Or possibly, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner…that would be interesting. I think they could make it work if he worked on his diction and she de-glamorized herself…My final choice: Russell Crowe and Kate Blanchett (she is inspired casting, Luke). They could rip each other apart and be believable as a long-married couple…and he is convincing as a professor.For Honey and Nick? Hands down…Armie Hammer and Amy Adams.

  6. 5plitreel says :

    I'd say Linney, Craig (these two are quite appropriate), Hall and Pace! I'm not sure if Hall can act, I'm really not. She's a bit of a mystery, the roles I've seen her do aren't that demanding but she has performed them well.

  7. Jose says :

    I want Anna Faris as Honey, can she be in the audition too?

  8. Luke says :

    Haha, I love Anna Faris as Honey, Jose! I think 5plitreel is closest to my picks, though. Lee Pace and the always glorious Linney would be pretty easy gets for my choices… though I'm leaning toward Michael Sheen and Elisabeth Moss for the other two…

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