where has the time gone…

Just when I thought I was back to the blogging world for good, the realities of life set in once again.  It turns out print journalism is struggling – have you heard?  Thanks to the bugger of an economy journalists are out of work left and right.  And since some recent unfortunate cuts happened due to that lagging economy, I find myself doing the work of more than one person of late.  So forgive me while I once again find my footing!  In the meantime, answer me this – who are your favorite movie-bound newspaper mavens??


3 responses to “where has the time gone…”

  1. Andrew: Encore Entertainment says :

    I suppose no one beats Bernstein and Woodward.

  2. TomS says :

    I love Andrew's choice…especially now…For me…by a sled's width..Charles Foster Kane.

  3. TomS says :

    By the way Luke, I sympathize with your situation. You are not alone, many industries are having the same challenges. Hard as it will be, I know you will prevail..and manage some great posts in the bargain.

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