good news and bad news…

I have an additional update for you devoted few that still remember my little blog that could.  The next couple of weeks will be rife with frantic packing, reorganizing, moving, orientating, starting-new-jobbing, and the like.  Now that I put aging another year behind me yesterday, it’s time to make it to May 1st in one piece.  And all of this is the good news!  Because, since it wouldn’t be a proper wonderful day without one thing to mar it, my computer’s display officially petered out yesterday (I’m working from a temporary loaner as we speak).  So taking all this into consideration, I’ll be mostly computerless for the foreseeable future – or, probably about a week-and-a-half.  I fully intend to return full force in May and catch up on all your brilliant posts!  And I’m chipping away even more so on Best Actress of the ’80s, so expect a Great Big Academy Awards Project entry as scheduled!  Well wishes to everyone out there in the blogosphere!


6 responses to “good news and bad news…”

  1. Jose says :

    Good luck Luke!

  2. Simon says :

    L'horreur!(don't die, then)

  3. TomS says :

    Luke..The world has aged around you, but you remain young…You're still as vital and awesome as age like good wine….Cheers!I may have missed something in the past week…are you moving? That's always a big project.

  4. Luke says :

    Thanks everyone! Glad to know I have blogger support out there. Well, my computer is back and better than ever – bless those folks at Apple for making my four-year-old laptop look new out of the package! And for those wondering, I'm merely moving to a far better apartment here in Sioux Falls, and I couldn't be happier. Along with that, I'm starting a new job as a full-time newspaper editor on Monday morning. I can't wait to (finally!) be a 9-to-5 working stiff! šŸ™‚

  5. Deborah says :

    And did the new job live up to your expectations?? Hope it did! Just found the blog. I may know who Akon and Nelly is but I've not found this blog before now.

  6. Dan says :

    I don't know what I'm going to do without Four Caps.

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