four caps (#1.10)


4 responses to “four caps (#1.10)”

  1. TomS says :

    I get 4 different films from these pictures. Together, they don't seem to belong to the same film. I don't know…

  2. TomS says :

    So what is it? I feel like I should know this but I haven't an idea…Looks like a John Hughes knockoff crossed with The Shipping News and Mrs Doubtfire. With Melvin and Howard thrown in for subtlety… Probably something I have seen and have forgotten….Please relieve our suspense!

  3. Luke says :

    Haha! That is such an accurate description. :)Believe it or not, it's the illustrious early-90s masterpiece, Free Willy.

  4. Dan says :

    It doesn't matter how long I stared at these images…I wouldn't have got it.

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