four caps (#1.8)


5 responses to “four caps (#1.8)”

  1. Peter Chan says :

    the one with the Prawns in Johannesburg?

  2. Dan says :

    This one is hard. Even though Mikhael gives the answer above I still don't recognise it from those images. Maybe the final one – is that when he's trying to escape the authorities…or perhaps when he's breaking back in…

  3. TomS says :

    I got to this one late too! One of the most provocative films of the last few years… An odd mixture of queasy violence and "human" emotion. Good stills from this one Luke!

  4. Luke says :

    Yes, you fellas are correct! And Dan, I honestly don't remember which shot it is, but the chunks of remains on the wall should give it away. 🙂

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