four caps (#1.4)


4 responses to “four caps (#1.4)”

  1. TomS says :

    Ah…one of my all-time faves…it haunted me so much I went back repeatedly to see it again…I loved these two women…This is really a hard one…but its images are seared into my brain….

  2. Danhttp says :

    Love these Four Caps features. Apart from when I haven't got a clue – like now! But I'm going to guess – helped by Tom's comment above that it's Desperately Seeking Susan.

  3. TomS says :

    "Let's keep going…..Hit it!…"

  4. Luke says :

    Alas, I think Tom may have it… I think that fancy car was probably a dead giveaway… 🙂 It's Thelma & Louise!

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