lct awards 2010: TV results

Amidst the recaps, predictions, and reviewing hoopla of Oscars 2010, I figured I’d continue announcing the winners from my very own little awards show, the LCT Awards.  Having taken place last Thursday, I’m bringing part three of the winners to you.  (Feel free to review with the TV Movie/Miniseries and Music results.)  It proved a big night for two shows in particular – one coming into its own as a superb comedy and the other coming late in the game with a swan song surge.  But in the end, it was the comedy, at its finest hour in the second half of season two, Parks and Recreation that bested the wonderfully addictive football drama Friday Night Lights for the top prize of Best Show.

The acting winners proved (mostly) no-brainers.  In the Lead Actress category, a notoriously difficult one for me to choose annually, it came down to a showdown between last year’s winner and still comedy MVP Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), a top-10 all-time favorite actress of mine Laura Linney (The Big C), and the backbone of the team Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), with Britton taking down the competition.  Lead Actor seemed all locked up for six-time nominee (and loser) John Krasinski (The Office), but the dream of a long-awaited win was dashed by Kyle Chandler’s effortless performance as Coach Taylor in Friday Night Lights.  The supporting categories became much more straightforward for choosing winners.  Merritt Wever excelled as the impressive scene-stealer in the wonderfully written Showtime series Nurse Jackie – her biggest competition came from the comedically masterful Sofia Vergara (Modern Family).  And Nick Offerman’s portrayal of gruff Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation) was too tough to pass up, though co-star Chris Pratt came awfully close.

As for the remaining slew of categories, the guest acting trophies (which were hotly contested this year) came down to James Franco’s body-pillow-loving self-portrayal on 30 Rock and Kathy Bates’ no-nonsense new boss Jo Bennett on The Office.  Franco faced a run for his money from creepy vamp James Frain (True Blood) and Bates had to take out audience favorite Betty White (Saturday Night Live) and beloved character actress Celia Weston (Modern Family).  The brand-new writing categories were not altogether predictive of the top prize this first time out – Parks and Rec may’ve won the comedy writing award, but Mad Men grabbed up drama, it’s only nomination for the night – the show has “The Suitcase” to thank solely for that prize.  See the full list of winners below (click to enlarge)…


4 responses to “lct awards 2010: TV results”

  1. Jose says :

    No Tina Fey? 😦

  2. Peter Chan says :

    Woohoo. Go FNL!

  3. Luke says :

    Deepest apologies. Actress in a TV Show turns out to be one of the more difficult categories to narrow down in any medium. I watch too much tv. :)And I'm totally obsessing over FNL! I watched the entire series in 2010 and had some making up to do. I'm still saving the finale as long as I can possibly stand, just to stretch out the FNL goodness that will never again exist… 😦

  4. Peter Chan says :

    Oh, whenever you do get around to watching the FNL finale… get ready for some tears- because tears will be had.

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