best of 2010: take part in OSCAR-style ballot poll!

Hello all!  I’m opening the invitation to a poll I’m running to any and all that would like to participate!  I’m going to attempt to tally the votes of you wonderful readers and bloggers through an official balloting system, and we’re going to use Oscar’s method of bringing forth nominations (that really complicated mess of a system that I will try my best to fully understand and use appropriately).  So head on over to the poll to vote in any or all of the categories – your votes are much appreciated and much needed!  The announcement of the results will be made the week prior to the Oscars, when the poll closes.


3 responses to “best of 2010: take part in OSCAR-style ballot poll!”

  1. TomS says :

    I am looking forward to the tallies..and how the Academy stands up to the expertise of us bloggers!

  2. Jose says :

    Done a while ago. Wanna see the results!

  3. Luke says :

    Excellent gentlemen! I'm going to give it until the end of the week probably – and then it'll be time to vote on winners from our chosen ones…

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