remember when: CAST of BIG LOVE

Amidst all the hoopla of Oscars this, SAGs that, it seems it’s time to take a trip back to normalcy for a bit. Time to return to Remember When, this time starring the cast of Big Love, which just recently premiered its final season (and it’s already better than season four!), namely some former roles you may’ve forgotten about…

Before he was clan leader and Home Plus owner Bill Hendrickson, Bill Paxton did his fair share of roles as ’80s super-jerks, one of them being the infamous Chet in 1985’s Weird Science.

Long before her stint as first wife, casino manager, and now-lost soul Barb, Jeanne Tripplehorn’s big-screen debut was as Dr. Beth Garner in 1992’s Basic Instinct.

Before she was scheming compound escapee and middle wife Nikki Grant (and before she was an Oscar nominee for Boys Don’t Cry), Chloe Sevigny was part of the cast of the controversial teen sex drama Kids in 1995.

Before she was cutesy third wife and jewelry peddler Margene on Big Love, and prior to that string of romantic comedies she’s hitched her wagon to, Ginnifer Goodwin made her acting debut on an episode of Law & Order in 2001.

Before she was staunchly faith-filled, though diabolically masterminded, matriarch Adaleen Grant, Mary Kay Place played Loretta on the cult classic 1970s series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Long before playing controversial prophet of Juniper Creek Roman Grant, Harry Dean Stanton played dozens of roles in television, including a one-off role in a 1959 episode of the western series The Rifleman.

Before playing the nutty mother and exotic bird smuggler Lois Hendrickson, Grace Zabriskie had a variety of screen roles, including one as one of Sally Field’s fellow workers in 1979’s Norma Rae.

Now-big-name movie star Amanda Seyfried, before her stint as confused daughter Sara on Big Love, got her start on daytime television, including a regular role from 1999 to 2001 on As the World Turns.

Before he played boneheaded but harmless son Ben, Douglas Smith played several roles as a child actor, including performing as a young Brendan Fraser in the 1999 comedy Blast from the Past.


6 responses to “remember when: CAST of BIG LOVE”

  1. Simon says :

    And then there's the little one, whatserface Sparkle Motion…

  2. Escorts in London says :

    Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin discuss the philosophy of the series and the challenge of understanding the characters.

  3. Andrew: Encore Entertainment says :

    Since we're on the topic, how sad are you to see BIG LOVE go, and worse yet Paxton or Sevigny never got an effin EMMY!!! Ugh, shameful.

  4. Dan says :

    Can't believe Jeanne Tripplehorn's debut was in Basic Instinct. For some reason I thought she'd been around a lot longer.

  5. John T says :

    Am I the only one shocked that Stanton never got a big "awards bait" role at some point in that sensational career of his? One of my favorite people I think of as celebrities first and then think of them as fine actors, even though he's so clearly both.

  6. Luke says :

    Simon: Yeah, I sort of figured Daveigh Chase hasn't really changed much since The Ring, so…Andrew: Yes, I'm pretty bummed Sevigny only managed the Globe for season three – that was some great work!Dan: Yeah me too! It's hard to believe her big break was less than 20 years ago.John: Well, it still could happen. He works an awful lot for an 84-year-old. He's definitely a singular talent – Alien comes to mind…

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