change of plans…

All right, so here’s the deal – for those of you anxious for the LCT Awards nominations (all three or four of you – you know I’m talking to you), the date will be a bit altered from what was previously stated.  During my last-ditch effort to view the rest of my wish list for movies this week, I needed Sunday for more catch-up.  So, alas, the announcement will be streamed live (if I can figure out this daggum technology bit) right here on the blog, Monday night at approximately 8:00 p.m., central time.  So be there or be square!  This will also signal the launch of my newly-created website for these awards, celebrating their 16th year of existence!  (And keep watching that little gallery down and to the right to see what movies have been screened and are hence eligible!)


2 responses to “change of plans…”

  1. Simon says :

    No. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!I am rather disappointed.

  2. Luke says :

    Oh Simon. Your sarcasm is so sweet and endearing. 🙂

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