SHOW and TELL: celebrity sightings

Well since my dear brother moved out to New York to live it up, I’ve been constantly barraged with mention after mention of celebs he’s seen in plays and whatnot. If it isn’t Vanessa Redgrave calling him “a dear” for gushing to her about her performance in Julia, it’s last night’s entry – he recently attended a production of Time Stands Still starring the glorious Laura Linney (jealous.) and formerly brilliant child star Christina Ricci. Oh, and Nora Ephron happened to be in the audience.

Now, my best celebrity sighting stories would have to include my Mall of America instances (yep, it’s the Broadway of the Midwest, if you will) – the Olsen twins shooting a movie about a decade ago, and the cast of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants promoting their film. Other than that, I caught Kathie Lee Gifford stomping a crosswalk outside the Hard Rock in NYC, and I once got to interview Sandra Day O’Connor for a newspaper article.

**Okay, people – spill: what are your all-time favorite celebrity sighting stories??**

4 responses to “SHOW and TELL: celebrity sightings”

  1. Castor says :

    Celebrity? What is that? Aside from a few Vikings player (EJ Henderson, Kevin Williams) and Timberwolves players (Michael Olowokandi, Mark Madsen), I haven't encountered too many here in Minny…

  2. Robert says :

    Gah! I'm jealous of your brother too. I really want to see "Time Stands Still". My favorite celeb sighting though was when I saw William H. Macy in New York. I literally walked out the door of Juilliard and he was standing in front of me. I was too shocked to say anything though. Haha

  3. Star says :

    We would love for you guys to stop by and share you stories with us:http://starjacker.comThanks

  4. Andrew: Encore Entertainment says :

    Vanessa Redgrave *spoke* to your brother. Aaaah, I would die if I was in the same room with her. Royalty she is.

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