best films: #22: MONSTERS, INC. (2001)

To call it utterly unique, innovative, and groundbreaking is an understatement.  And as I sit and ponder how little credit it received where credit was due (it’s less-than-genius, more famous 2001 counterpart Shrek pales immensely in comparison to this achievement), Monsters, Inc. goes down in my own personal record books as one of the most underrated gems of this past decade.  From the insanely intricate animation (that quivering blue fur was more realistic than anything 3-D has to offer) to the other-worldly premise, the people at Pixar outdid themselves here.  They’ve created an entirely different world that’s never been thought up before (more than you can say for Shrek‘s easy sight gags and dated pop culture references), and Monstropolis is a nirvana of detail and depth.  And leave it to Randy Newman to deliver yet another successful soundtrack/score to the Pixar folks.  When others will choose a throwaway Smash Mouth song as an anthem, Newman ignites the comedic talents and showmanship of John Goodman and Billy Crystal to great effect (and garnered a much-deserved Oscar for Best Original Song, I may add).  Mike, with his mono-ocular demeanor and sardonic wit, pairs so effortlessly with Sully, the big lug with a heart of gold.  And even though detractors may say it slips into far-too-cutesy territory with its third member of the central trio, adorable human toddler Boo, I see her as an essential part of Sully’s character; she’s the purely joyous glee he never realized existed (or that he could elicit in another person).  So though the animation studio has churned out success after success since 2001, Monsters, Inc. remains possibly the greatest testament to the depths of their writing, nay dreaming, abilities.


5 responses to “best films: #22: MONSTERS, INC. (2001)”

  1. Simon says :

    Monsters Inc. is my favorite. I mean, if you didn't cry with sadness/joy/whatever at the end, I just don't want your company.Seriously, a walking eyeball should've terrified me.

  2. Jose says :

    This is a wonderful movie. I haven't seen it in a while actually. It really depresses me when I do and you're right, "Shrek" has aged quite badly.

  3. Canadian Drugs Online says :

    There are some very good dialogue, but the real power of Monsters Inc. are wonderful characters. Is not it just a wild variety of strange and surprising, but some characters that are good for some laughs and simply adorable Boo is serious and quite reasonable representation of a child in real life.

  4. Pet Carriers says :

    Monsters, Inc., is a unique, fun movie for all ages. Movie voice talent are Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi and John Goodman. They were all great and very funny too.

  5. r4 says :

    Randy Newman yet to deliver points / Pixar people a sound and successful. When a song as others will choose a temporary Smash Mouth song, Newman and John Goodman and Billy Crystal's comedic talents to great effect showmanship ignites (and garnered a much deserved Oscar for Best Original Song, I might add is). Mike, the conduct of its mono-eye and sardonic wit, Sully, with the big lug with a heart of gold so effortlessly added.

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