summer tv catch-up…

First of all, apologies on my extreme lack of blogging commitment of late – big life changes in the mix as I did a little temporary move and am now transitioning into some new work. It’s great to at least occasionally check in and see all of your great posting in the meantime, though. So keep up the good work!

Meanwhile, thanks to summer rerun season and my staunch commitment to keeping up with my regular season shows fall, winter, and spring, this summer has allowed me the opportunity to not only keep up with my regular summer newness, but also to discover some gems I hadn’t already gotten around to. And here is my report as the summer closes…

After some initial hesitation due to the subject matter, I eventually got sucked in to the surprisingly deep NBC drama and critical darling Friday Night Lights. Who knew a drama about football in a red state could captivate me so? I’m nearly done with season one now, and I’m already poised to say Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton make one of the best TV married couples I’ve yet seen. Go Panthers! And one that I always intended to watch but missed the opportunities thanks to other Tuesday night commitments was Parenthood. It’s no surprise to me, seeing as though I’m a fan of the 1989 movie it’s loosely based on and that it includes personal faves Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman, that it’s a delightful family – for lack of a better word – dramedy. Consider it a Brothers & Sisters for the slightly younger, hipper set.

But the summer hasn’t brought its shortage of comedy, either. Sure, TV Land’s Hot In Cleveland isn’t exactly high-brow fare, but the ladies are great comediennes, and I can’t pass up the opportunity to see Wendie Malick in such fine form again. The same goes for the Courteney Cox starrer Cougar Town, as I’m closing in on the last few season-one episodes. It’s nothing perfect, to be sure, but it’s a great showcase for the funny lady. In closing, the summer premieres have been enticing as well – I caught an advance screening of The Big C and Weeds‘ premieres last week, and they look promising. Throw a little guilty pleasures on the heap (namely True Blood and a particularly saucy season of Big Brother), and all in all summer TV-watching hasn’t been without its merits.

Tell me – what on earth has your tube been subjected to this summer?

4 responses to “summer tv catch-up…”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Love Parenthood!! Great show – can't wait for season 2.

  2. Jude says :

    Glad to see you're getting into Cougar Town! After finishing up Lost (SO GOOD) I've been transition to My So-Called Life (a lot less complicated than Lost.. hahaha).

  3. Jose says :

    I'm all about True Blood and Mad Men lately.Never seen any of the shows you're into right now 😦

  4. Luke says :

    Oh gosh – how could I have forgotten to mention Mad Men?? It's only one of my favorite shows on television. I haven't caught up to episode four yet, but I'm getting there. Pegs is pretty much my favorite TV character!(And I totally mentioned True Blood at the tail end of the post. I didn't say much since I already knew prior to this summer that I was a big fan! This season has been a little more aimless than the last two, but I'm still devoted!)

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