tv meme, day 23: most annoying character

Ugh. That’s the first “word” that comes to mind when thinking of that pesky little annoyance that is Will Schuester on Glee. Sure, the show has many other faults (disjointed storylines, outlandish plot twists, and Finn), but the true source of this otherwise enjoyable series’ woes rests squarely on the obnoxious Spanish teacher at the center.

Whether he’s spinning and dancing and rapping to a nauseating extent with his uber-confident, “I’m a stud and I know it” glances or giving one of his end-of-the-episode patented “serious talks” about “real issues,” I’m constantly cringing. It’s rather unfortunate, really, when you think of the other great things going on around him – Jane Lynch’s magnificent zingers, the vocal prowess of the kids on the show, the growing presence of dunderheaded and delightful Brittany. And to top it off, the worst part about the show seems to be one of the things managing to get the most praise from critics’ groups. Matthew Morrison (who plays Schuester) has been nominated for a Golden Globe (and mercifully lost, thank goodness) and just today managed to be nominated for an Emmy. I mean, have they even seen the show? He’s melodramatic gobbledegook with a dash of self-indulgent playa-ism and a hint of manwhorishness (you said it best, Emma!). Honestly, if they would just have him sing instead of talk (or rap, god forbid) things would be a lot better. His showboating and sad-face are mind-numbing.


3 responses to “tv meme, day 23: most annoying character”

  1. Andrew: Encore Entertainment says :

    I just don't get why people hate him. I find him affable, fun.

  2. Jude says :

    I liked him in the beginning of the season, but that second half totally destroyed his character for me.

  3. Tv Show says :

    thanks for sharing finding tv meme from long time…

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