tv meme, day 20: favorite kiss

Though this always-hilarious show is known more for its witty one-liners and cultural references and its uniquely quirky mother/daughter relationship, Gilmore Girls at its heart was also about the romantic turmoil of Rory Gilmore. And in season one, it was all about the refreshingly slow-moving steps toward romance that she took will local grocery stock-boy Dean. Their all-of-the-sudden, nerves-ridden peck makes the meme!


2 responses to “tv meme, day 20: favorite kiss”

  1. Jose says :

    So cute, everyone's first kiss was better than mine…

  2. M. Carter @ the Movies says :

    Amen to that, Jose. Amen to that.So, JS, you are a "Gilmore Girls" fan! Then you are A-OK by me. I was crazy-nuts for that show. Still am.

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