what’s missing? #3

**Have I finally stumped you evil geniuses? Who is this wearing the snazzy power suit and what movie is this from?**

5 responses to “what’s missing? #3”

  1. Andrew: Encore Entertainment says :

    I don't know, but I'll put forward three guesses.1) Is It Vanessa Redgrave in Isadora…2)…or Faye Dunaway, the hairstyle looks like her…3)…or Jane Fonda, the hair colour looks like hers.I'm probably wrong on all counts. A clue, please.

  2. Luke says :

    Well, since Andrew appears to be the only one willing to venture a guess…. here's a clue.The actress in question recently starred in an ABC comedy that ended its short run in the spring of 2009…

  3. Jose says :

    I've absolutely no idea either.Just commenting to give Andrew some moral support.

  4. Andrew: Encore Entertainment says :

    Damn, I was gonna go with Swoosie Kurtz but blogger was stopping me from commenting(evidently you got to post, good)

  5. Brandon says :

    Christina Applegate, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. That movie is forever burned into my skull.

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