starting next week…

As previously mentioned, something known as “The Great Big Academy Awards Project” would be starting this month. Well I have a little bit more of the details for you now. Starting next week, I’ll begin a looooooong drawn-out process of attempting to do what I previously had thought was impossible – watching every film ever nominated for an Oscar. Now, the way I’m going about it is by category per decade. I’m starting with the 50 women nominated for Best Lead Actress in the aughts. Look for the full write-up, including commentary on the nominees and eventual winners, starting next week. And wish me luck.

8 responses to “starting next week…”

  1. Sara says :

    FUN!!! I'm excited to read which ones are your favorites. 🙂

  2. Luke says :

    Thanks for the vote of confidence peeps! 🙂

  3. Peter Chan says :

    Oooh, that's ambitious! I love it. Should be a fun series.

  4. Simon says :

    That just sounds exhausting. i commend your ambition and patience, sir. And good luck.

  5. Jude says :

    Whoa. Good luck my friend.

  6. Jose says :

    Lovely to see you chose Julia to represent this visually.

  7. Luke says :

    Ha… thanks for the nervous encouragement everyone – I know it seems daunting, but it's a part of my all-encompassing complete filmacation. And Jose, it's sort of an iconic look, so I figured it'd be a good representative. 🙂

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