link rundown: march 30, 2010

All right, it’s time for some rockin’ links in the blog world. Take a look at these posts from out in cyberspace and enjoy!

**Simon at Four of Them takes an in-depth look at the oft-plagued sub-genre of biopics…
**Castor at Anomalous Material has a uniquely positive take on Brothers – he’s pretty killer at reviews, so it may be good to take his advice…
**Robert at His Eyes Were Watching Movies names the 15 best animated movies of the decade – it’s a rather good and diverse list – and makes a plea (that I can concur with) to Emmy voters for next year…
**Sara at Eco-Vintage Weddings uses her resident wedding guru skills to scout out a unique new way to present a pretty cool guestbook
**Andrew at Encore Entertainment makes the case for the ever-lovely Joan Allen in The Upside of Anger
**And Fitz at The LAMB has yet another near-impossible quiz for you to tackle…

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