best films: #41: TOY STORY 2

Probably the best sequel next to The Godfather, Part II (yes, I’m drawing comparisons between this and a mobster movie), Toy Story 2 is the rare feat in which a sequel nearly equals (interesting how that’s practically a part of the word “sequel” and yet is rarely the case) and adds to the original premise of the first entry. Striking out on its own, there is little to be found in the beautifully animated Toy Story 2 that we’d already seen in the first film – there are hardly any recycled gags, the new characters that are introduced don’t seem like tacked-on extras, and yet the original simple goodness about the first Toy Story is still intact (even when they’re jumping out of a moving plane). In addition to the great premise and impressive execution, there’s also the wonderful Sarah McLachlan ballad “When Somebody Loved Me,” which contrasts nicely to Randy Newman’s adventuresome score. And though I have my reservations about the third movie, I just have to keep reminding myself that Pixar is at the helm and that they managed to turn out this classic sequel without a hitch.

Standout Performance: It’s really a group effort, but without John Lasseter and Pete Docter‘s screenplay, there’d be nothing to go off of. So kudos to the killer script.

One response to “best films: #41: TOY STORY 2”

  1. Simon says :

    This movie made my heart sing, I kid you not.

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