best films: #42: CLUE (1985)

It’s one of the best, funniest, zaniest casts ever assembled – now you tell me, what was it about 1985’s Clue that made it such a gigantic critical and box office flop at its release? The one true board-game adaptation (listen up Ridley Scott!) that fired on all cylinders and delivered a truly funny and unique film – one that seems as if it could fit in with the best of the Christopher Guest comedy troupe. Thank goodness for cult followings, because otherwise how would the world be blessed with such repeated lines as the “flames on the side of my face” rant from Madeline Kahn‘s Mrs. White or that epic bird’s nest that sat atop the incomparable Eileen Brennan‘s head for her turn as the cooky Mrs. Peacock? I can safely say that I’ve seen this movie more times than any other movie – in fact, I recall my brother and I watching it at least 12 times during the first week of owning the VHS copy. In theory, it should’ve been a relatively dull mystery romp, but thanks to a cast of individuals with great comedic timing and killer chemistry (pardon the pun), along with an enhanced plot from the simple whodunit nature of the board game, Clue is an enduringly fun classic. In fact, it’s been days since I’ve seen it, so if you’ll excuse me…

Standout Performance: Probably the toughest choice I’ll have to make on this list, believe it or not, but I’ve always been partial to Eileen Brennan’s scatter-brained turn. But let’s not forget about the other ladies who are on the tops of their games – Kahn and the effervescent Lesley Ann Warren as Miss Scarlet.

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  1. Simon says :

    Ah, memories…

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