first impressions: SEAN PENN

Kid in Little House on the Prairie, Ep. 1.11 – “The Voice of Tinker Jones” (1974)

At long last First Impressions returns! And for the grand reopening of sorts (since it’s been since October since we’ve visited this territory), I’ve opted for one of my all-time favorite actors – Sean Penn. And for Mr. Penn, his first screen performance was as an uncredited extra in an episode of the homespun family drama Little House on the Prairie. Here’s the toughie – he has no speaking parts (which actually made it difficult to spot that screen grab to the left). But he is doing what he does best here: scowling broodingly. The episode surrounds a traditional town squabble – whether or not to upgrade the church with a giant new bell – from the eyes of local mute Tinker Jones. And of course the Ingalls girls catch flack from the fellow kids when Papa Ingalls voices a dissenting opinion at the town meeting. This is where Sean’s scowling comes in. Relegated to being one of the bad boys leaning on a nearby fence, he’s already perfecting the “wrong side of the tracks” thing at the ripe old age of 14.

Second Impression: Penn’s next role was as guest star Sam in a 1979 episode of the long-running detective series Barnaby Jones.

2 responses to “first impressions: SEAN PENN”

  1. Simon says :

    He was so adorable, in a look-whats-coming sort of way.

  2. Jose says :

    So cute, nobody would've expected the activist, slightly violent acting genius, he would become judging from that picture.

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