full nine soundtrack online

News-flash: head on over to the official Web site for the upcoming movie Nine, and you’ll at last be blessed to hear the entire soundtrack which is streaming online. Just finished listening to Penelope Cruz‘s rendition of “A Call from the Vactican,” and though it’s no Jane Krakowski, it certainly gets me amped for the movie to come out. And who knew Marion Cotillard had such a lovely voice? Definitely recommend “My Husband Makes Movies.” And finally, can we all just agree that, though she’s clearly channeling Rex Harrison with her speak-singing, it would be so much fun to see Sophia Loren perform at the Oscars? Enjoy.


2 responses to “full nine soundtrack online”

  1. Jose says :

    I LOOOOVE Penélope. Damn Jane Krakowski for having spoiled this for me vocally.Hoping Pe pulls off all the sexy dancing though and Sophia is a goddess.

  2. Bob Wendland says :

    I must say- from a theatrical standpoint I appreciated Jane's vocals MUCH more. Penelope just didn't do it for me as much as I wish she would have. Fergie on the other hand….

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