best films: #90: THE PRODUCERS (1968)

Though many today may be more familiar with the musical of the same name, none of the glitz of broadway can top Mel Brooks‘ original hilarity that is The Producers.  Buoyed by the central chemistry-ridden twosome Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, it’s both zany and smart.  And with a central focus of a musical entitled Springtime for Hitler, ridiculousness is destined to abound.  Bialystock and Bloom are the essential cinematic behind-the-scenes characters, taking the focus from the glamour of old Hollywood actors and shifting it to the sometimes underhanded world of film and broadway production.

Standout Performance:  Though it was Wilder who got the Oscar nomination, I’m going to go with Golden Globe nominee Mostel, who fully committed to the role, as made evident by his disgruntled, wide-eyed, loony-bin performance.

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